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Where Are They Now?

When working on commissioned shoots, I always supply a thorough selection of processed images with a licence to be used by the business, in any media, for an unlimited time.

So, it’s never easy to know exactly how and where my commercial images are used. Even so, I thought I’d search some out and show you how some of my clients have been using them publicly online.

DECP photograph on college homepage

This image from a two week publicity and prospectus shoot has been used on the Truro and Penwith College homepage.


Publicity photograph used for Facebook

Another image from the same shoot has been utilised on their Facebook page as part of a well constructed Social Media strategy.


Interior and exterior images used by estate agent.

These images were commissioned by the seller of the home and then supplied to the estate agent. Here they are being used on Rightmove.


Photograph used as background on school website

One of the images from the St Newlyn East Learning Academy prospectus shoot featuring on their website homepage.


Photograph of fire extinguisher on Hentland web page

Product photography on the Hentland website.


Copy work of painting by Christopher Bramham

Photograph of oil painting by Christopher Bramham used by Jonathan Clark Fine Art to promote exhibition in London.


Students being coached by Chelsea FC staff

Professional footballers coaching at the Chelsea training facility in Cobham, Surrey used by Chelsea FC


Photographs of holiday cottages used on Facebook page.

A series of photographs of one of the holiday cottages at Degembris used in a sponsored post on Facebook.


Jodie Young hair salon at Ocean Breeze Salon

Image of the renovated salon at Ocean Breeze Salon, Sands Resort, Newquay used on the Hair by Jodie Young website.


Photograph of students around table

University of Exeter website featuring a photograph from the Environment and Sustainability Day.


If you are interested in commissioning photography for your business then send me an email or call on 07979 301741 to discuss your requirements or find out more.

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Copy Work

Earlier this month I returned to visit Christopher Bramham, an artist living and working in East Cornwall. Chris sells his work through Jonathan Clark Fine Art, an art dealer based in Chelsea, London and requires photographs of his paintings and drawings, which can be used to showcase his work.

Photographing paintings is a very technical aspect of photography. A camera profile is created for the camera body, lens and lighting combination to ensure all colours are accurately reproduced. The painting must then be lit in a manner which ensures all parts of the artwork are lit perfectly evenly. Powerful strobe lights help reduce the effect of drop-off as the distance from the light sources increases, particularly useful when in this case the largest painting was over 5 feet in height.

large oil painting

The challenge of photographing these paintings is further increased when oil paintings with impasto elements (area of thick paint or texture) are involved and in addition to lighting evenly, you also wish to emphasise the texture of the brush strokes while minimising glare. This can be achieved by polarisation and carefully positioned lights.

Oil painting photograph

The combination of the Nikon D800 and professional Nikkor lenses enable extreme detail to be captured in every reproduction as shown in the images below, a 100% crop from the image above.

close up of oil paint

This painting presented another challenge in that it was mounted in a deep frame behind glass.

Photographing artwork behind glass

In addition to these oil paintings I have also been required to copy pastel, watercolour, pencil and charcoal drawings.

Pastel drawing

Copy work of charcoal drawing

If you are interested in commissioning David Edmonds Commercial Photography for copy work then please send an email to [email protected] or call 07979 301741.

Thank you to Christopher Bramham for kindly giving permission to use these images on this web site.

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Events, Buildings, Cables and More!

My clients always come before self-promotion! So it’s always difficult to keep up with social media, especially when times are busy. After far too long it’s time for an update. So here are of the images from some of the projects I’ve been working on recently.

Event photography for Exeter University

Overview of building

Event Photography for University of Exeter‘s Student Conference held at The Streatham Campus, Exeter

Primary School teachers and Teaching Assistants

A panoramic image of the Teachers and Teaching assistants at St Newlyn East Learning Academy. This was shot on the same day as individual photographs of all the pupils.


Photograph of Chris working at Capture Studio Newquay

Monochrome image showing some of the screen printing process produced as part of a collection for Capture Studio, Newquay.


View of sun room for house sale

view of lounge for estate agents use

Photographs of a home in preparation for selling on the open market.

Journalists on roof of IC Penryn

AIR Building, Falmouth University

Photography for Invest in Cornwall‘s Tech Press Tour.


Man manufacturing cables harnesses at Staeng

Cable connectors

Commercial images for use in marketing materials for Staeng, a specialist cable harness manufacturer.

If you are interested in commissioning photography for your business or need high quality photographs of your property then send me an email or call on 07979 301741 to discuss your requirements or find out more.

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Photography for Apps

An interesting opportunity arose recently to produce a series of photographs for Colourful Semantics, an iPad app developed by London Speech Therapy, based on the work of Alison Bryan.

In order to assess and develop children’s language skills, they need to be shown photographs of specific situations. Rather than use stock images, by using my services, the developers were able to ensure images had no distracting elements, were of the highest quality and exactly matched what they required.

A few of the images and the corresponding specific scenario requirements are below.

“The girl is blowing up a balloon in the garden”

Girl blowing up yellow balloon

“The children are sleeping in the car”

Children sleeping in a car

“The lady is asleep on the couch/sofa”

Lady asleep on the sofa


If you are interested in commissioning photography for your business then send me an email or call on 07979 301741 to discuss your requirements or find out more.

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Using 105mm micro lens with TC-17EII as a medium telephoto

The Nikkor 105mm VR micro lens is well known as a great macro lens and also a good portrait lens. Further Google searching revealed it could be used with the TC-17EII to increase the magnification with superb results. See here for examples.

What I couldn’t find was how it fared as a 180mm medium telephoto lens for distant subjects. Here are my own personal findings when using the combination with a Nikon D800 camera.

For my Subject I chose the Headland Hotel in Newquay taken from South Fistral, 1 km away. I compared with my Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8 as a benchmark. At 1/250s, f9, ISO100.

Images resized to 2048×1367, minimal processing in Lightroom. Click on them to see full size.

Full frame 105mm micro

Full frame 105mm micro

105mm Micro and TC17E

105mm Micro and TC17E

24-70 2.8 at 70mm

24-70 2.8 at 70mm

These are 1:1 crops from the images above

105 micro 1:1 crop

105 micro 1:1 crop

105 micro TC17E 1:1 crop

105 micro TC17EII 1:1 crop

24-70 2.8 1:1 crop

24-70 2.8 1:1 crop

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from these. Personally I’m happy to delay the purchase of the 70-200mm 2.8 VRII for a little longer but it’s still high up there on the shopping list!

Please feel free to add your own comments below.

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Deli Pops

Deli Pops are a St Agnes-based hand-made ice lolly company set up by Joe and Victoria Waters. Their delicious lollies are made from locally sourced and seasonal ingredients and currently include flavours such as Melon and Mint (a personal favourite of mine), Red Plum and Aniseed, Strawberry and the refreshing Granny’s Lemonade.

I joined them at the St Ives Food and Drink Festival to create some images for their Facebook page and website. They wanted to show the people behind the business as well as capturing images of the products, promotional materials and the many happy customers.

Delipops blackboard

Fruit in bowl with rhubarb

Deli-pops board with sea in background

Child enjoying his fresh fruit ice lolly.

seven varieties of deli-pop ice lolly.

Deli-pops owner selling at festival

Victoria Waters working on deli pops stall.

Deli Pops can be contacted on: 01872 553566 or 07881 786564 or by email at [email protected]

Alternatively visit their Facebook page or website.

If you are interested in commissioning this type of photography for your business then send me an email or call on 07979 301741 to discuss your requirements.

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Portrait of Maths Tutor

This week my own Father asked me to photograph him for his website. He runs a Maths Tutoring business and required a formal headshot for the first page of his site,

Utilising my Lastolite Hilite background, I was able to set up a studio in his front room and produce a professional headshot in a short amount of time. He was then able to preview the images taken on my iPad to be sure that he had the final photograph he required. The plain white background was later coloured and textured in Photoshop to soften the image.

John Edmonds

John Edmonds, Maths Tutor

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Studio image to client’s requirements

This week I was asked by a local IT and Business Consultant to produce an image to be used in a business presentation.

The image needed to show a glass half full. The client was happy with a glass of wine or a glass of water but when asked preferred the wine glass so this was used.

This is the image I created. The composition allows text to be placed over the right side of the image if the client chooses to do this.

Wine glass half full

Half Full Wine Glass

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