David EdmondsWho am I?

I am David Edmonds, a Commercial Photographer based in the beautiful county of Cornwall.

Why should you use me?

As well as understanding the essential components of composition, light and subject , I have a in-depth technical knowledge of photography. I graduated from The University of Westminster with an honours degree in Photographic and Electronic Imaging Sciences and use that knowledge, and my subsequent experience, to produce images of outstanding quality. Look through my portfolio to judge for yourself.

What is my greatest strength?

I pride myself on accurately capturing the emotions, characters and ethos of businesses and events. Every business has a story to tell, that will engage their customers and I always strive to reflect this. Read some testimonials from my clients.

What can I offer you?

The commercial photography you need! It may be photographs of your staff, your property, your products or your events. To find out, I will work with you to discuss your requirements and together we can evaluate what will be most effective for your business.

Do I create web sites, brochures, flyers and do all your branding and copywriting?

As with photography, only a specialist professional should be relied on for such important work. I can help you to find the specialists you require and then work alongside them to ensure the photography I produce can be merged seamlessly with their work.