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Copy Work

Earlier this month I returned to visit Christopher Bramham, an artist living and working in East Cornwall. Chris sells his work through Jonathan Clark Fine Art, an art dealer based in Chelsea, London and requires photographs of his paintings and drawings, which can be used to showcase his work.

Photographing paintings is a very technical aspect of photography. A camera profile is created for the camera body, lens and lighting combination to ensure all colours are accurately reproduced. The painting must then be lit in a manner which ensures all parts of the artwork are lit perfectly evenly. Powerful strobe lights help reduce the effect of drop-off as the distance from the light sources increases, particularly useful when in this case the largest painting was over 5 feet in height.

large oil painting

The challenge of photographing these paintings is further increased when oil paintings with impasto elements (area of thick paint or texture) are involved and in addition to lighting evenly, you also wish to emphasise the texture of the brush strokes while minimising glare. This can be achieved by polarisation and carefully positioned lights.

Oil painting photograph

The combination of the Nikon D800 and professional Nikkor lenses enable extreme detail to be captured in every reproduction as shown in the images below, a 100% crop from the image above.

close up of oil paint

This painting presented another challenge in that it was mounted in a deep frame behind glass.

Photographing artwork behind glass

In addition to these oil paintings I have also been required to copy pastel, watercolour, pencil and charcoal drawings.

Pastel drawing

Copy work of charcoal drawing

If you are interested in commissioning David Edmonds Commercial Photography for copy work then please send an email to [email protected] or call 07979 301741.

Thank you to Christopher Bramham for kindly giving permission to use these images on this web site.

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