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Photography for Apps

An interesting opportunity arose recently to produce a series of photographs for Colourful Semantics, an iPad app developed by London Speech Therapy, based on the work of Alison Bryan.

In order to assess and develop children’s language skills, they need to be shown photographs of specific situations. Rather than use stock images, by using my services, the developers were able to ensure images had no distracting elements, were of the highest quality and exactly matched what they required.

A few of the images and the corresponding specific scenario requirements are below.

“The girl is blowing up a balloon in the garden”

Girl blowing up yellow balloon

“The children are sleeping in the car”

Children sleeping in a car

“The lady is asleep on the couch/sofa”

Lady asleep on the sofa


If you are interested in commissioning photography for your business then send me an email or call on 07979 301741 to discuss your requirements or find out more.

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