Small business package

It’s been bothering me for a while now that often the businesses that need a professional photographer the most are ironically the ones which can least afford it. Start-up businesses often ‘make do’ with whatever images they have and in doing so do not come across as the successful dynamic businesses they actually are.

To help overcome this, I am  now offering a small business/start-up package. My aim is to be able to produce the essential images for marketing. This includes the crucial business portrait, resized for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. I will also capture you at work to help give your marketing materials that personal touch. In addition 2 more images of products and services are supplied. This could be done on location or taken away and photographed in the studio setting.

As with all my packages,the final high resolution images can be used by your business for any purpose, in any media, for an unlimited amount of time.

Initially, I’m offering this package at £150, which I believe offers fantastic value for money, improving all of your marketing materials.

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