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Deli Pops

Deli Pops are a St Agnes-based hand-made ice lolly company set up by Joe and Victoria Waters. Their delicious lollies are made from locally sourced and seasonal ingredients and currently include flavours such as Melon and Mint (a personal favourite of mine), Red Plum and Aniseed, Strawberry and the refreshing Granny’s Lemonade.

I joined them at the St Ives Food and Drink Festival to create some images for their Facebook page and website. They wanted to show the people behind the business as well as capturing images of the products, promotional materials and the many happy customers.

Delipops blackboard

Fruit in bowl with rhubarb

Deli-pops board with sea in background

Child enjoying his fresh fruit ice lolly.

seven varieties of deli-pop ice lolly.

Deli-pops owner selling at festival

Victoria Waters working on deli pops stall.

Deli Pops can be contacted on: 01872 553566 or 07881 786564 or by email at [email protected]

Alternatively visit their Facebook page or website.

If you are interested in commissioning this type of photography for your business then send me an email or call on 07979 301741 to discuss your requirements.

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Jodie Young at Ocean Breeze Salon

Jodie Young, a hairdresser from Newquay based at Sands Resort Hotel and Spa, is about to launch her first Facebook page and I was delighted to be able to create some images for her to use. She wanted to be able to show her salon at its best, herself at work and have a high quality photograph of her reward scheme cards to promote on the page.

Hairdresser cuts hair in front of large mirror

In additional to the full size images, some of the images were also cropped and supplied at 851×315 pixels. The exact dimensions for a Facebook ‘cover’ image.

Jodie Young's salon cropped for Facebook cover.

Close up of reward cards issued to customers

A selection of more heavily processed and stylised images was also included on the final cd-rom if the client wishes to use them at any time.

Jodie Young cutting young boys hair with scissors

You will be able to visit her Facebook page soon but in the meantime find some information here or call her on the numbers below.

  • Appointments 01637 872864
  • Direct Enquiries 07968 861874

If you are interested in commisioning this type of photography for your business then send me an email or call on 07979 301741 to discuss your requirements.

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Portrait of Maths Tutor

This week my own Father asked me to photograph him for his website. He runs a Maths Tutoring business and required a formal headshot for the first page of his site,

Utilising my Lastolite Hilite background, I was able to set up a studio in his front room and produce a professional headshot in a short amount of time. He was then able to preview the images taken on my iPad to be sure that he had the final photograph he required. The plain white background was later coloured and textured in Photoshop to soften the image.

John Edmonds

John Edmonds, Maths Tutor

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Studio image to client’s requirements

This week I was asked by a local IT and Business Consultant to produce an image to be used in a business presentation.

The image needed to show a glass half full. The client was happy with a glass of wine or a glass of water but when asked preferred the wine glass so this was used.

This is the image I created. The composition allows text to be placed over the right side of the image if the client chooses to do this.

Wine glass half full

Half Full Wine Glass

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Added Social Media Benefits

When you commission David Edmonds Commercial Photography, you will receive high resolution images and images optimised for web, email or facebook. These will be yours to keep and use for any of your marketing needs. For example, you could use them on your website, in leaflets or brochures, framed in your office or in emails to potential clients. This though is not the end of the service from David Edmonds Commercial Photography.

Each commissioned job will be featured on the website blog, with information about the business, the story of the shoot and a selection of the best images from the photoshoot. This article will also contain links to your website, facebook page and twitter accounts if you have them. As well as providing direct traffic, this will help your SEO (search engine optimisation) helping you to appear higher in Internet searches.

They will also be shared on the DECP facebook page and DECP twitter account.

Of course if for some reason you would not like to take advantage of this complimentary publicity, this can also be arranged.

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Lifestyle Family Shoot

Finding a time when a family of active people are all free for a photoshoot is never easy, but last Sunday the light was perfect and the whole Millington family were free so we headed to Crantock to get some lifestyle photographs taken.

Boy jumping onto sand
Joe loved having some jumping shots taken.


Siblings laughing on beach
I love capturing the spontaneous interaction between siblings.


Girl looking back at camera as sun sets
The light was catching Rachel’s hair, making it glow a golden colour


Whole family posing in sand dunes for photograph
Although I normally focus on a more candid style for lifestyle photography, it was a great opportunity to capture a family portrait.


If you would like to arrange this kind of shoot for your family, call me on 07979 301741 or send me an email and we can arrange a photoshoot.


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What is Commercial Photography?

The question I’m asked most about what I do is “What is Commercial Photography?”

More often than not people assume ‘photographer’ means ‘wedding photographer’.

I like to summarise what I do in 4 words – Creating images for business.

This could be many things but examples include, photographs of a hotel or holiday let, images of the products produced by a business, food photography for menus or commercial portraits of staff. These images can then be used by the business for any of their promotional needs.

I concentrate on specialising in this field to ensure I create the most effective photographs possible for the businesses that need them.

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